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Mehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai
Mehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai
Linghi Chetty Street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Our Products

Copper TubesYes! I am interested

Our range of Copper Tubes For Auto Industries has certain advantages over other metals. Copper had been proved since the early days to have many good attributes including easy bending and high corrosion resistance.

Copper's inherent superiority in thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and strength has made it a preferred primary metal for radiators since the dawn of cars and trucks. Now, with new technologies, it can be used to make smaller, lighter and stronger copper radiators. These copper radiators will be far more environmentally friendly because they are lead free and easier and cleaner to produce. Additional increased copper content results from a number of accessories being electric instead of hydraulic. Power steering and braking are achieved electrically and the efficiency and performance of these two technologies make them candidates for installation on internal combustion vehicles in the near future. Heating and air conditioning are also achieved electrically and in some cases with a heat pump.

Electric Vehicles and even hybrid electric vehicles will use approximately twice as much copper as a conventional vehicles and this will provide the added advantage of excellent recyclables when the vehicle is removed from service.

Copper Bus TubesYes! I am interested
Our range of Copper Bus Tubes For Electrical Application is widely used in copper tube used for gas, heater and hydraulic lines, oil burners, refrigerators, evaporators and heat exchangers. These copper bus tubes are also used in hollow (round, square, rectangular and elliptical) electrical conductors in high voltage installation and induction furnaces. Our copper bus tubes range is offered in various specifications as per the application requirement at market leading rates to our clients. As per B.S. 2871 Part - 2/72 C 101
Near Equivalent specification B.S. 1977/ 63 & (ASTM B - 188-81)

Specifications: Copper Bus Tubes for Electrical Application

Copper TubesYes! I am interested
We offer our clients a wide range of Copper Tubing For Compressed Air Lines that is best known for high operating efficiency, reduction or elimination of harmful emissions. Our range comprises plain tubes, connecting tube coil sets for split ACS, pancake coils single layer, internally grooved tubes and double layer. These copper tubes are widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems due to the inherent properties of the copper metals and their unique abilities to meet the needs of the ACR industry. Our Copper Tubes is offered in various outer diameter, weight and length as per the application requirement at market leading rates to our clients. 

Specifications of ACR product range offered by us are mentioned below:

Weight calculation: (OD-WT) x WT x 0.0281 = KGS/ MTR

Heat Exchanger Copper TubeYes! I am interested

The Heat Exchanger Copper Tube offered by us have high thermal conductivity, resistance against corrosion and high strength. The copper used for manufacturing these tubes is a preferred primary metal for heat exchangers (radiators) and condensers since the dawn of cars and trucks.

Our copper tubes are also used to make smaller, lighter and stronger copper radiators. These radiators will be far more environmentally friendly because they are lead free and easier and cleaner to produce. Made with a non-toxic, low temperature allow based on the CuNiSnP system, these can be brazed in the same vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces used for aluminum radiators and at the same temperature (approx. 600°C). And since flux isn't present, cleaning after brazing isn't needed and no dangerous metals remain in the brazing material.

Water And Gas Copper TubesYes! I am interested
Copper Tube to BS EN 1057 - R250 (Previous Designation BS 2871: Part 1: Table X) Half Hard Straight. Our range of Water And Gas Copper Tubes is offered in 3 or 6 meter straight lengths in the half hard condition, an ideal temper for cold bending and forming. Mexflow Tubes can be easily bent on an appropriate bending machine for 6 to 22mm O.D. sizes, with a bending spring. Its ease of manipulating and relatively light weight, combine with its ability to withstand high internal pressure makes Mexflow the ideal products for most hot and cold water, central heating and gas services installations.

Copper Tubes offered by us are general-purpose copper tubes that are used for above ground services. These are ideal for drinking water, central heating, sanitation, hot and cold water, industrial & medical gas transportation, various engineering.

As per BS EN 1057-R220 (Previous Designation BS 2871: Part 1: Table Y) Supplied as either 6m long half-hard straight lengths, or annealed 25m or 23m long coils. With a wall thickness approximately 1.5 times thicker than "Mexflow", it is the ideal product for underground applications. The extra wall thickness also allows its use on certain pressurized stem installations with maximum working temperature of 65°C. These copper tubes are recommended for use on underground services and are also suitable for: drinking water, central heating, sanitation, gas, and various engineering applications. Mexflow Copper Pipes are available with IBP Conex fittings for the complete Copper Plumbing solution.
Cupro Nickel PipesYes! I am interested

We are reckoned amongst the trusted manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Cupro Nickel Pipes 90/10 for automobile industries. The move to Copper-Nickel Tubing Copper had been proved since the early days to have many good attributes. It was easy to bend and had very high corrosion resistance, but there was concern about its low corrosion fatigue strength. When copper-nickel was introduced, it displayed corrosion resistance similar to copper, higher general strength and better fatigue strength. Good formability allows ease of flaring and bending, and although the metal cost is greater than that of steel alternatives, copper-nickel is very attractive in view of its extra life, trouble-free installation and safety/reliability characteristics.

Properties of Copper-Nickel Brake Tubing The copper-nickel alloy used for brake tubing typically contains 10% nickel, with iron and manganese additions of 1.4% and 0.8% respectively. The product conforms to ASTM B466 (American Society for Testing and Materials), which specifies dimensions, tensile strength and yield strength. Formability and internal cleanliness conform to specifications SAE J527, ASTM A254 and SMMT C5B (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). Also, the alloy meets the requirements for pressure containment, fabrication and corrosion resistance for ISO 4038 (International Standards Organization) and SAE J1047.

Copper Fin TubesYes! I am interested

Our range of Copper Fin Tubes that increases the surface area of the tube and improves the heat transfer efficiency. We offer Copper Gem Finned Tubes, Duplex Type S/T Trufin, S/T Turbo-Chill, H/F Trufin and L/C Turfin.

The details of our copper fin tubes range are mentioned below:


Met - Gem Fined Tubes

Met - Gem Type 1 - Copper Fin Tubes


Phosphor Bronze Copper AlloyYes! I am interested

Phosphor Bronze Copper Alloy offered by us is alloys of copper where tin is the main alloying element with phosphorus added primarily as deoxidant. Alloys containing up to about 9% tin are wrought and alloys containing from about 10-12% tin are used as-cast. These copper alloys are strong, corrosion resistant alloys with vast usage in marine environments and electrical & electronic engineering where their especially at the higher cast level. In addition, these copper alloys impart good wear resistance for traditional use in bearing components.


Our range conforms to the BS2870 /BS2875: PB103 - BS2874: PB102 -NES838 BS2874: PB104/ BS B24 (DTD265A*) (Colbronze) - BS1400: PB1 ASTM B139: C54400 (Colphos 90) standards.

Chemical Properties: Phosphor Bronze Copper Alloy

Welcome to

Mehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai

With an industrial experience of 21 years, Mehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai have been offering a wide range of Industrial Copper Pipes & Tubes, Copper Alloys, Copper Fin Tube & Copper Sulphur Rod. Our range comprises Copper Tubes, Brass Tubes, Cupro Nickel Pipes, Copper Alloy Tubes, Copper Fin Tube & Copper Alloy Fin Tube and Lightning Protection Systems, Copper Strips & Copper Alloy tubes. Apart from this, we also offer Zonal Lighting Protection System, Stainless Steel Products and Copper Cable Terminals & Accessories. These copper products are fabricated utilizing high grade material and cater to the requirements of various industries.

Quality is our trait and we make sure that all our products meet the international standards. Our quality inspectors, which undertake various quality tests before sending the range for final shipment. In addition, we have facilitated our infrastructure with various quality testing machines such as Dual Frequency Eddy Current Testing Machine, Pneumatic Testing Machine and Hydro Testing Machine that assist us in testing our range on their efficiency and durability. We are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-house design unit that allow us to manufacture a quality range.

Due to our quality oriented approach, our copper product range has been recognized for green channel supplies by MNC's and we have been honored with the QA Certificate of ISO 9001:2008 by ISC (Australia) Accrediting Authority. This has also enabled us to garner a huge client base not only in India but also in USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Malaysia and Singapore.


Mehta Tubes Limited, MumbaiMehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai



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Mehta Tubes Limited, Mumbai
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